Support & Love is always a happy place

Support can come in to so many forms. Those who simply come in to Emmett’s world and see the beauty of it is support, a stranger patting your shoulder in kindness when your toddler is having a meltdown due to sensory overload, family and friends who come in to our home and see how we do things without judgement. In a way this is the way the world should be for all of us.

Emmett is fortunate to have a very fun filled adventure going support group. From Cape Breton to Yellowknife. They come in forms of family members, friends,professionals and other special needs parents who surround our family and our boy. I have had many inboxes with many mothers of ASD kids I have never met in person, but we have connected and have become support for one another. And so many seem drawn to Emmett, and how could you not be? 🙂

As you are walking through every day, obstacles come and go, some routines are a struggle. Communication barriers. They say a parent who has a child with autism has ten times the stress and anxiety of a parent with a typical child. I believe this. And I am certainly not saying we would change anything. The steps we take are all love for our son and making his world the best place it can be.

Jason, my husband, was diagnosed with autism as well at a younger age. So he seems to answer questions for us even gut feelings about things he recognizes what may be upsetting Em or what will work to teach him a new skill. He can see a different perspective than we can, as much as we envelope ourselves in to Emmett’s view, it seems like he notices some more of the deeper things. I am very proud to be his wife and to share this family journey with him. I think great teamwork means something. And he is standing next to me in his Autism Dada cape fighting the battles too.

My almost eighty year old Pop, the man who raised me as his daughter, is there day and night for Emmett. He uses the PECS with him, understands his sensory issues, and does everything in his self to make Emmett’s world the best and most calm. I really feel emotional in this because I don’t think this happens a lot. I could be wrong. But he is such an advocate for him. He is such a cheerleader. They have their routines, and Pop even reads books and educates himself on Autism. It’s just very dear to my heart to watch their bond, as it stands out.

My mother lives away, but she comes home a lot. And as soon as she steps in to the door, she goes in to that world. She will sit in a Walmart aisle on the floor and drive trains with Em. She will carry him and squeeze him when he is looking for deep pressure soothing. I have always said I had never met a mother like my own. I mean it. And seeing her be a pillar of support for Em is a magical thing. When you go in to that world, you come out so different, you see things in a way you never saw before. And she embraces him, she embraces Emmett for everything he is and does. She joins him, she gets excited, and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

I think God took extra special time to create Emmett. I seriously do. I think he placed extras in his brain that makes him so intelligent. And it’s like he has superpowers, but he has just discovered them. He is still flying in to walls and knocking things over, but eventually he will reach that place and soar through the sky. I think he soars now in many ways. He makes the sky brighter and days better. And for those who come along in to this life of his and walk alongside him, they change, they view life so differently.

I really appreciate those who support Emmett for who he is.That is what is most important to me at the end of the day. They love who he is. He is funny, he is flirtatious, he is mischievous, happy, thriving, full of pure life. We can learn so much from him. We should all try and be more full of life sometimes. He has taught me this more than anything or anyone.

My feeling is that support is one of the most important aspects of this journey. Because the more cheering for Emmett, the better. The more love, well you can never have too much love. From the bottom of my heart I thank those who send the love, those who listen to me vent about food therapy, or the ones that simply stop in and say I just came to see how you guys are. So many of you. So much love. And the whole word could use more of that. sesame



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