Educating yourself on a daily basis, this is a constant learning process

I think we can all day we try and do the very best for our child (children). For our family life,this includes therapy at home. Therapy for Emmett. He has it with his worker who comes, she leaves “homework” and we continue it in our routine. But we also so things we come up with on our own. Or try things we have read.

Right now I have been reading through an ABA step by step plan for age 1-4. I’ve watched several series on it and DVDs. As a homeschooling mom anyways I educate myself whenever I get the chance. And this is an area I have now touched base on. Emmett has already been put through a lot of it with his Interventionist. But I have been trying to put extra effort in where we can. Anything we have tried has initially been a struggle of course, but than boom it clicks one day and he is another step forward. In a way we are trying to make it so he has no choice but to communicate. And communication is not limited to speaking and language. It is so much more than that.
In the next few weeks I have more things to try and see how Emmett responds. We have started putting two objects in front of him and saying “touch train” and presented is a train and a ball let’s say. If he touches the train he gets a praise. We have been doing activities sitting in front of him, with little distraction and saying ” do this” and maybe clapping our hands as an example If he claps his hands he gets praise and a piece of a cookie. These small therapies create big things. I’ve started to incorporate this in to daily life and if we see it helping we continue it. We take breaks if he gets overwhelmed. One day at a time. Lots and lots of play. With purpose.
Just my thoughts this evening as I just finished making new cue cards. If you come to my house it’s like an Emmett workshop. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!:)



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